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E-book edition of "Bunnoidity," the delightful, sweet book of bunny philosophy!

Nabi Su students loved reading aloud the new e-book edition of "Bunnoidity:  How to be a Bunny - The Rabbit Habit" by Carolyn Campora.

Children Reading ebook

CMC Jo and Fan

A message from Master Campora:

"How did it get to be 40 years? I just kept doing it! I never stopped. I love Kung Fu and Tai Chi and I'm grateful to Master Pai every day for teaching me."

Nabi Su Family Day at the Staten Island Yankees

Nabi Su at Staten Island Yankees 2013

This year we had two Nabi Su family days at the Staten Island Yankees.  It was so much fun to be together!

Summer School Tai Chi

Summer School Tai Chi

Nabi Su Second Degree Black Belt, Demain, led his daughter's summer school class in a round of Tai Chi. The students had just completed a two week study of China. Wonderful!

Art Exhibitions

Stacy Harshman:  Through December 15, 2013

"Expressed." Stacy Harshman, friend of Nabi Su, has an exhibition of her paintings at Sustainable NYC. The show is on view through December 15, 2013, and we urge you to see it. Sustainable NYC is located at 139 Avenue A at 9th Street.

Artist's Statement:  "Powerful and turbulent emotions created most of these pieces. Through the process of expression I found meaning. Something healing and organizing happens when I paint and new life springs forth from dark and chaotic feelings."

For more info, visit

Tribeca Toast Art Show
Marianne Rosenfeld:  2013

Congratulations to Tai Chi student Marianne Rosenfeld!

Marianne Rosenfeld's fabulous paintings are on display at the Tribeca Toast Art Show at 58 Lispenard Street, from 1-6 though May 12th.

Tribaca Art Walk:  In addition to the gallery exhibition, you can tour artists' studios, including Marianne's during the Tribeca Art Walk! The Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour (TOAST) runs through Monday, May 6. Go to for studio tour details.

Nabi Su Students' Art Web Sites

Maya Just Maya
Maya is a 4th Degree Kung Fu black belt.  This is a link to Maya's website, where you will see her artwork. 

Queen Bee, Sculpture, by Maya Just Maya

Mary Vaccaro
Mary is a 3rd Degree Kung Fu Black Belt. This is a link to Mary's website where you will see her street paintings and a slide show of people who visit her on the corner in Greenwich Village.

Widad Franco
Widad is a Kung Fu Brown Belt.  This is a link to Widad's website where you will see her work on childrens' books.  Widad is also a journalist and translator; find out more about her on her website.

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FREE Special Event!
Nabi Su Tai Chi at the Bodies Exhibition
Fall 2013, date to be determined

Nabi Su Martial Arts & Wellness Center has been invited to participate in the BODIES NY Exhibition's Free Public Health Series.
  This will be our fourth free special event at the BODIES NY Exhibit, and we look forward to seeing you there!

The BODIES NY Exhibition Hall is located at 11 Fulton Street, at the South Street Seaport, in Downtown Manhattan.  More information can be found at the BODIES NY Exhibit web site.

Master Carolyn Campora and Maya Just Maya at the Bodies Exhibit Tai Chi demo.

Pride Day 2013
Master Carolyn Campora marched with Liz and Mary in the 2013 Price March in NYC.

Pride March 2013

Nabi Su Students: Gay Games Champions
Nabi Su Black Belt Students Maya Just Maya and Kenny Dunn participated in the Gay Games and brought back medals for their Martial Arts performances.

Gay Games Amsterdam
Kenny Dunn: Silver Medal, Black Belt Sparring
Maya Just Maya: Silver Medal, Black Belt Empty Hand Forms (Tiger)

Gay Games Sydney
Maya Just Maya: Silver Medal, Black Belt Weapons Forms (Butterfly Knives)
Bronze Medal, Black Belt Empty Hand Forms (Leopard)
Bronze Medal, Black Belt Sparring

Gay Games Chicago
Maya Just Maya:
 Silver Medal, Black Belt Weapons Forms (Lightning Saber)
Bronze Medal, 3rd Degree Black Belt and above Empty Hand Forms (Tiger)

Maya Just Maya, Gay Games, Empty Hand Forms, Snake

Students Speak
The Aventures of Nabi Su Members in their own words....


Subject: Nabi Su Applied to a Real Life Situation

So, 2008 has been a bit of a tumultuous start. I ended up having to have knee surgery last week to remove damaged lining in my knee joint. The physical therapy will take about a month, so I'm hoping to be back in action by March or so.

Post-surgery I wasn't able to walk until about two days ago. With the aid of a cane (a dapper one at that), and a full leg brace I am able to hobble the streets of Manhattan. I was leaving Fordham up at Columbus Circle yesterday evening in a nice torrential rainstorm. As I'm walking I notice someone walking towards me. I moved to another side of the sidewalk and the person kept on mimicking my every move. Finally, I walked all the way to the left of the sidewalk next to the building wall and noticed the person typing on his Blackberry and looking up every two seconds. I stopped and before I could say excuse me to him, he slammed into me quite purposely and forcefully. I kind of half fell and held my balance with one hand against the wall. The conversation went something like this:

Me, "What is wrong with you?"
Jerk: "Why the **** are you slamming into me? You ******** cripple! Watch what your doing ********! You got a problem? How about I kick your ***?"

The next thing I know this guy lunges at me. I held my cane in both hands and delivered a move similar to a cross-check in hockey. The moron stumbled back and I immediately found myself in a ready position similar to when we use escrima sticks. I mean it must have looked funny seeing me with my left foot (brace and all) forward, my right foot back, my left hand raised in a defensive stance and my right hand wielding my cane like an escrima stick ready to mash his skull in.

The guy looks at me for a few seconds, and this large construction worker who saw this whole situation evolve grabbed this kid and pinned him against the wall.

Construction worker, "What the **** is wrong with you? This guy is in a cast for Pete's sake!"

Jerk: "Get off me! He tried to knock me down, and now I'm gonna kill him. C'mon cane boy! C'mon!"

I stood there still in my stance boggled at this idiot. A nearby police officer showed up and asked what was going on.

Jerk: "This ******** bumped me and wants to fight me. I'm gonna kick his ***."

Officer (smiling): "You mean to tell me this gentleman with a cane and full leg cast tried to knock you over and fight you? Get walking pal before we have a serious situation here."

The jerk walked the other way throwing hilarious obscenities at me and threatened to "find me and break my other leg". The cop stayed with me until he was out of site and asked if I was fine. I laughed, said thank you and hopped on the bus which as if by fate had just rolled up to take me home.

So, even from missing months of practice, and being injured and in a leg cast, my mind and body relied on what I've learned to defend myself. And for that, I thank you Master Carolyn.

Hope all is well on your end, please send my regards to the rest of the class, and I will certainly be back once I'm back on both my feet.

All my best,



Everyone I've told the story to asked the same question, "Weren't you afraid?" I honestly could say that I wasn't and actually was hoping the poor idiot would try and combat me further, because I was confident I would have left him writhing on the ground with bits of my cane .... :-)

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