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Mar 23, 2017
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Book:  Bunnoidity
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Book: Bunnoidity

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 - "Bunnoidity:  How to be a Bunny - The Rabbit Habit" by Carolyn Campora - Bunnoidity is the art of being Bunnoid, that is, Bunny-like. Bunnies are sweet, soft and cute. Bunnies are innocent and good. Humans respond to Bunnies with a smile, with a softening attitude, with enjoyment. In short, they respond to Bunnies by taking on Bunny-like qualities. They become gentler while feeling happier when around soft, furry Bunnies. Humans become more Bunnoid when they even think of Bunnies. Thus, Bunnoid awareness and the practice of Bunnoidity help us to enjoy a kinder, gentler world.  34 pages.  
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